Army Meritorious Unit Commendation

Navy Unit Commendation

01AUG67 - 31MAR68

01OCT68 - 30JUN69

Vietnam Service Medal

06JUL67 - 20APR68

21SEP68 - 19JAN71

10OCT68 - 06JUL69

20NOV69 - 20JUL70

Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation

RVN Gallantry Cross With Palm

Presidential Unit Citation

RVN Civic Action With Palm

01AUG67 - 13APR68  *

09OCT68 - 31DEC68

16AUG69 - 01OCT69

01JAN69 - 15AUG69  *

02NOV69 - 01MAR70

21MAR70 - 22JUN70

​​​*      A 3/16 inch bronze star is authorized for each additional award after the first.

**    The Fleet Marine Force emblem is to be worn centered on the medal/ribbon.  A 3/16 inch bronze star is authorized for each campaign

         after the first.  A 3/16 inch silver star is authorized in place of five bronze stars.​

Battalion Unit Awards

01JUN67 - 29JAN68  **

30JAN68 - 01APR68

02APR68 - 30JUN68

01JUL68 - 01NOV68

02NOV68 - 22FEB69

23FEB69 - 08JUN69

09JUN69 - 31OCT69

01NOV69 - 30APR70

01JUL70 - 30JUN71

12FEB68 - 02MAR68

01MAR70 - 30SEP70

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 121